The most advanced text-to-image (T2I) models require significant training costs (e.g., millions of GPU hours), seriously hindering the fundamental innovation for the AIGC community while increasing CO2 emissions. This paper introduces PIXART-α, a Transformer-based T2I diffusion model whose image generation quality is competitive with state-of-the-art image generators (e.g., Imagen, SDXL, and even Midjourney), reaching near-commercial application standards. Additionally, it supports high-resolution image synthesis up to 1024px resolution with low training cost, as shown in Figure 1 and 2. To achieve this goal, three core designs are proposed: (1) Training strategy decomposition: We devise three distinct training steps that separately optimize pixel dependency, text-image alignment, and image aesthetic quality; (2) Efficient T2I Transformer: We incorporate cross-attention modules into Diffusion Transformer (DiT) to inject text conditions and streamline the computation-intensive class-condition branch; (3) High-informative data: We emphasize the significance of concept density in text-image pairs and leverage a large Vision-Language model to auto-label dense pseudo-captions to assist text-image alignment learning. As a result, PIXART-α's training speed markedly surpasses existing large-scale T2I models, e.g., PIXART-α only takes 10.8% of Stable Diffusion v1.5's training time (~675 vs. ~6,250 A100 GPU days), saving nearly $300,000 ($26,000 vs. $320,000) and reducing 90% CO2 emissions. Moreover, compared with a larger SOTA model, RAPHAEL, our training cost is merely 1%. Extensive experiments demonstrate that PIXART-α excels in image quality, artistry, and semantic control. We hope PIXART-α will provide new insights to the AIGC community and startups to accelerate building their own high-quality yet low-cost generative models from scratch.

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Training Efficiency

Comparisons of CO2 emissions and training cost among T2I generators. PIXART-α achieves an exceptionally low training cost of $26,000. Compared to RAPHAEL, our CO2 emissions and training costs are merely 1.1% and 0.85%, respectively.



ControlNet customization samples from PIXART-α. We use the reference images to generate the corresponding HED edge images and use them as the control signal for PIXART-α ControlNet.

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PIXART-α can be combined with Dreambooth. Given a few images and text prompts, PIXART-α can generate high-fidelity images, that exhibit natural interactions with the environment, precise modification of the object colors, demonstrating that PIXART-α can generate images with exceptional quality, and has a strong capability in customized extension.

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More Samples

8k uhd A man looks up at the starry sky, lonely and ethereal, Minimalism, Chaotic composition Op Art
A baby painter trying to draw very simple picture, white background
A dog that has been meditating all the time
A snowy mountain
A worker that looks like a mixture of cow and horse is working hard to type code
Half human, half robot, repaired human
knolling of a drawing tools for painter
Van Gogh painting of a teacup on the desk
Chinese painting of grapes
Stars, water, brilliantly, gorgeous large scale scene
A sureal parallel world where mankind avoid extinction
Pirate ship trapped in a cosmic maelstrom nebula


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